Creating a PivotTable

PivotTables are worksheet tables that can be used to filter and analyze large amounts of worksheet data very quickly.  By importing data into a PivotTable, new data relationships can be established without having to re-create or reorganize existing worksheet data.  You may also “pivot” worksheet data within the table, changing the location of data from row labels to column labels and vice versa.

To create a PivotTable:

  1. Place your cursor at any point within your range of data.  When you create the Pivot Table, Excel will select the entire range of data by default.

  2. Select the Insert Tab
  3. Select the Tables Group
  4. Click the down arrow on the Pivot Table button
  5. Select Pivot Table

  6. The Create Pivot Table dialog box will launch.

  7. In the “Select a table or range” section of the dialog box, confirm that Excel has selected the entire range of data.
  8. In the “Choose where you want the PivotTable report to be placed” section of the dialog box, confirm that New Worksheet is selected.
  9. Click the OK button when done.
    (Click for larger image)
  10. A PivotTable will be created (on a separate worksheet tab) and you will be ready to begin adding PivotTable fields.  Two additional tabs will also appear under the PivotTools contextual tab; the Options Tab and the Design Tab.  Under the Options Tab, you will find the tools necessary to manage data in the PivotTable.  Under the Design Tab, you will find the tools necessary to manage the appearance of the PivotTable.
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