Changing the Default Unit of Measurement in Windows 7

Below are the directions for changing the default unit of measurement from metric to inches for Windows 7.

  1. Select the Start Button
  2. Select Control Panel
  3. Select Clock, Language and Region
  4. Under Region and Language, select Change LocationDefault Measurements in Windows 7 - step 4
  5. The Region and Language Dialog box will launch
  6. Select the Formats TabDefault Measurements in Windows 7 - step 6
  7. Select the Additional Settings button
  8. Select the Numbers Tab
  9. From the column on the left, select Measurement SystemDefault Measurements in Windows 7 - step 9
  10. Change the Measurement System from Metric to US
  11. Click the Apply button
  12. Click OK when done
  13. Click OK again to exit the dialog box
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