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Using Auto Sum and the Function Library in Excel

The Function Library in Excel and the Auto Sum feature are two of the easiest and fastest ways by which to write formulas in Excel.  The beauty of each feature is that they write the formula for you and all you have to do is select the criteria.  This means that you do not need … [Read more]

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Creating a Custom List in Excel

Custom Lists in Excel are very similar to the Auto Fill feature.  In fact, a Custom List is actually an Auto Fill that is based on specific, user-defined criteria.  An example would be a list of employees.  If you have a list of employees that you use repeatedly and you do not want to copy … [Read more]

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Using Auto Fill in Excel

The Auto Fill feature in Excel is a powerful tool for streamlining workflow and is an excellent way to quickly fill series of data and copy formulas.  For instance, Auto Fill has been programmed to know that Tuesday comes after Monday and that February comes after January.  So instead of typing out a series of … [Read more]

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Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar and Ribbon in Excel

Ok, lets talk about customizing the Quick Access Toolbar and the Ribbon.  These two features are one of the best ways to streamline workflow in excel and I highly recommend them as a Best Practice.  I also recommend placing the Quick Access Toolbar below the Ribbon as a Best Practice.  Placing the Quick Access Toolbar … [Read more]

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Excel Short-cut Keys and Key Tips

Short-cut keys are a great way to streamline workflow in Excel.  One of the benefits of using short-cut keys is that they keep your hands on the keyboard and free of the mouse, which can help increase productivity and alleviate repetitive strain.  Below is a list of commonly used short-cut keys.  Many of these short-cut … [Read more]

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Excel Navigation and Selection Techniques

Ok, let’s start with the basics.  By using some simple navigation and selection techniques available in Excel, you can move around a spreadsheet with greater ease and get work completed more efficiently. Navigation Techniques Tab  –  Moves you one cell to the right Shift+Tab  –  Moves you one cell to the left Home  –  Takes … [Read more]

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Top Streamliners and Timesavers

Busy, Busy, Busy.  These days, life is busy and particularly, work life can be very busy.  Most of us are juggling multiple tasks and time sensitive deadlines on a regular basis.  Who has time to waste spending more energy on any given task than is necessary?  Not me, I’ve got better things to do with … [Read more]

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