The Busy Inbox

The “Busy Inbox (or should I say the insanely busy inbox), that is the topic of this next series.  How to streamline workflow and organize incoming mail within Microsoft Outlook.  It is not uncommon for me to see clients with literally thousands of e-mails in their inbox.  This can be information overload and make it difficult to identify important e-mails.  Below is a list of topics I will be covering in this series.  Though not an exhaustive list, these features can go a long way to making the “Busy Inbox” much easier to manage!

  • Keyboard Shortcuts in Outlook
  • Navigation and Selection Techniques in Outlook
  • The Importance of the Reading Pane
  • Sorting and Grouping E-mails
  • Flagging E-mails for Follow Up
  • Creating Groups and Distribution Lists for multiple recipients
  • The Importance of the BCC Field
  • Creating Folders and Moving E-mails
  • The purpose of Outlook Data Files
  • Applying Categories to Color Code and Organize E-mails
  • Creating Custom Search Folders
  • Implementing Alert Windows for Important E-mails
  • Using Rules in Outlook to Automate Workflow
  • Creating Quick Steps to Streamline Workflow
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