Excel Short-cut Keys and Key Tips

Short-cut keys are a great way to streamline workflow in Excel.  One of the benefits of using short-cut keys is that they keep your hands on the keyboard and free of the mouse, which can help increase productivity and alleviate repetitive strain.  Below is a list of commonly used short-cut keys.  Many of these short-cut keys are standard right across Microsoft Office but a few, such as F4 (to apply an absolute reference) and Alt+Enter (to insert a hard return) are specific to Excel. 

Standard Microsoft Office Short-cut Keys

  • Control A – Select All
  • Control B – Bold
  • Control C – Copy
  • Control F – Find and Replace
  • Control I – Italics
  • Control O – Open
  • Control S – Save
  • Control U – Underline
  • Control V – Paste
  • Control W – Close
  • Control X – Cut
  • Control Y – Redo
  • Control Z – Undo
  • F7 – Spellcheck

Excel Short-cut Keys 

  • Control N – New Workbook
  • Alt+Enter – Inserts a hard return within a cell
  • Alt+=(equal sign) – Insert an AutoSum Formula
  • Shift+Alt+F1 – Insert a new worksheet
  • Shift+Control+4 – Applies the Currency format
  • Control+F9 – Minimizes the active window
  • Shift+F3 – Display the Insert Function dialog box
  • ALT+F2 – Display the Save As dialog Box
  • F4 – Will turn a relative reference into an absolute reference by inserting the $ symbol before each cell reference. (You must highlight the reference in the Formula Bar first).
  • F1 – Help

Key Tips

Another way to work off the keyboard and avoid using the mouse is to activate the Key Tips available in Excel.  Simply hold the ALT key down for a few seconds and see the Key Tips appear.  Once they appear, type one of the letters or numbers to access its corresponding application.  Key Tips will automatically turn off if not used after a few moments or you may press the Escape Key to turn them off.  If you wish to turn them back on, simply press the ALT key again.  Alternatively, you may press F10 to turn the Key Tips on and off.

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